Santa Clara County
Network for a Hate-Free Community

Logo and "Hate is the enemy" Campaign


In response to 9/11 and the rise in hate crimes in Santa Clara County and the nation, we  created this powerful campaign. We felt it was time to say “enough is enough!” and get the message out to everyone in the county that hateful speech and actions would not be tolerated. This hard-hitting PSA campaign direction was designed to act as a radical departure from most other messaging at the time, which took a much softer approach to addressing the problem.

We received major news coverage from all local and major television networks for the campaign, which also included radio and television PSA spots. We also garnered national and international praise for the solid stance Santa Clara County took against hate crimes. Magazines from as far away as Japan and Washington, D.C., ran the ad within articles discussing the country’s reaction to post-9/11 events. We also received more than $150,000 in free placement and media coverage for this important work, and the campaign won major awards for TV, radio, and print advertising.

Award Winning Santa Clara County Anti Hate Full page Print Ad