Holiday Promotion for “National Treasure” Movie Tie-In

Visa National Treasure Point of Sale Card

Visa and the Walt Disney Studios teamed up to create a Q4 holiday promotion to play off the film “National Treasure,” a major motion picture featuring a treasure room full of items accumulated in secret throughout history. To create buzz and leverage the excitement of this fast-paced film, we created a promotion for Visa cardholders centered around a special “treasure” that has also been building over time. By using their Visa cards during the holidays, consumers increased their chances to win a refund of all the charges they made on the card over that year. We subsequently rolled out the “National Treasure” promotion by creating posters, in-store signage, point-of-sale assets, print ads, web components, and live-event materials.

To reach our desired female target during the holiday season, we created imagery to play off the design of the film posters. For our background, we leveraged the image of the clock at Independence Hall, a prominent location in the film, and the heroic pose of our female model matches Nicolas Cage’s poster pose. Plus, our e-decoder tool was a nod to the secret codes contained within the Declaration of Independence and other elements of the film. AdAge reported that this award-winning campaign was the largest-ever promotion for a Disney live-action film.