Visa Small Business

Card Marketing Kit and Photo Shoot


Visa needed a marketing kit to help educate partner banks about all of the small business services they offer, as well as explain why a bank should offer the Visa line of small business services among their portfolio of products. This kit went out to every Visa field sales director, as well as the key personnel at banks across the country, to achieve greater penetration into the small business payment market.

Our marketing kit featured information about the demographic, highlighting why it’s an attractive target for the bank, as well as a brochure detailing the suite of small business services Visa offers at no cost. Perhaps most valuable of all, the kit featured built-in marketing programs targeting the small-business demographic, with customizable in-branch programs that the bank could deploy immediately.

Visa Small Business Marketing Photography Grocery
Visa Small Business Marketing Photography Hair Salon
Visa Small Business Marketing Pocket Folder
Visa Small Business Marketing Brochure Inserts