Web Design and Content Development


In today’s digital-first world, it’s absolutely critical for a business to have a solid, mobile responsive website. Your website is now your storefront, so if you don’t have a website—or have one that’s outdated and confusing—you’re automatically losing a large share of interested customers. We’re here to help.

At smallnormous, we’re focused on getting small business and start-up websites up and running, with a variety of powerful solutions they can afford.

Rebranding and Website Redesign

Does your website look outdated or doesn’t work well on mobile devices? We can quickly reimagine your site with a new look, targeted copy, and updated functionality.

New Custom Websites

Are you ready to for a brand-new multi-page site with perfect imagery and dialed-in messaging? Let us flex our creative muscles for you and create a website you’ll really love.

Small Business and Professional Single-Page Websites

Does everyone need a multi-page website? Nope. And sometimes a robust single-page site can offer your customers a more streamlined experience. Let’s talk about what you need.


Multi-Page Websites



Let us update your brand and website to tell your story and connect with your customers in a bold, new way.


Wine Cube Tours

  • Modernized logo and color palette for a fresh look

  • Streamlined site from 7 to 3 pages for a better customer experience

  • Wrote custom copy and SEO to convey premium nature of the services offered

Get Up Business Development Services

  • Redesigned logo and updated brand colors for a modern feel

  • Designed custom image treatments for new-brand look

  • Created powerful new copy and SEO to highlight expertise



When you’re just getting your business off the ground or revitalizing your marketing efforts, it can be challenging to know how to tackle your website. Rest assured, we will guide you through every step.


NorCal Animal Rescue

  • Created brand new logos, colors, promo items, and messaging

  • Sourced beautiful imagery to connect with adopters, volunteers, and donors

  • Developed effective website copy and SEO to generate awareness and boost search ranking


  • Conducted a custom photo shoot with lots of adorable animals

  • Reimagined site hierarchy for better, more intuitive user flow

  • Created a new brand look and feel for a fresh digital experience


Single-Page Websites


Sometimes, a small-but-mighty single-page website can be the best solution for our clients’ with smaller budgets. We take care to ensure that these sites are just as spectacular—and effective—as our multi-page projects.


estela salon

  • Produced a custom photo shoot to capture the salon’s beauty

  • Created a beautiful color palette that expressed the salon’s vibe

  • Developed warm, inviting messaging to evoke the relaxing atmosphere

Professor H. Mack Horton

  • Leveraged client’s own photography for a personal look and feel

  • Streamlined content to lead visitors through the client’s many publications

  • Uniquely expressed the client’s personality and approach to teaching


Not sure what kind of website is right for your needs? Let’s talk!

You can schedule a consultation or give us a call at (707) 583-9505 to set up a time to chat. We’ll listen, ask questions, and determine what kind of site your business needs most right now. Then we’ll create a custom quote to get the process rolling. Before you know it, your brand-new site will be live and attracting new customers—and you’ll love it.