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Body Treat Messaging Strategy, Website Updates, Direct Mail & Social Media Campaign

the challenge:

build local awareness & drive bookings in a challenging business climate

Most people who haven’t had an IV drip outside of an ER might feel a little hesitant to explore all the incredible health benefits they can tap into using this avenue to enhance their wellness. So former ER physician Dr. Amy Adams had an interesting obstacle to overcome in landing new clients for Body Treat, her gorgeous IV therapy boutique. When we first spoke, she wanted help with her social media, but as we began to explore her brand framework, we saw the opportunity to help grow her clientele in a variety of ways, beginning with a messaging strategy, SEO, and a social media strategy.


a direct-mail solution that gets attention

While Body Treat had been operating for several years, it was still a well-kept secret among busy Marin moms, fitness-focused adults, and frequent-flyer business travelers. To get the word out to the rest of her audience of potential clients, we spearheaded a direct-mail campaign with a discount offer for first-time visitors. Combining our messaging strategy work with meticulous demographic targeting and a beautiful, high-end look, the resulting oversized postcard gets the word out to the right people—offline as well as online.

a powerful branded social media ad campaign

In another effort to build awareness, we created a series of targeted social media ads to run on Facebook and Instagram. To boost engagement, our ads were light on copy but bold in their messaging and inviting, aspirational imagery, and our laser-focused targeting helped ensure that they reached the right people. We’re happy to report that these beautiful ads experienced jaw-dropping reach and engagement with our target audiences.

a phased approach to a website update yields immediate results

As with most businesses, all marketing tactics drive to the Body Treat website, so it needed to do a better job of selling the boutique’s services and converting new, interested clients. To work within Body Treat’s budget, we offered to update the site in phases, tackling new page layouts and copy a few at a time. Each time we rolled out a new page, we immediately saw improved performance, greater usability, better search rankings, and most importantly: a surge of new client appointments.

small steps make a big impact


website traffic post launch

social media campaign reach


engagements on social media ads


With the new Covid-19 restrictions in place at the beginning of the pandemic, Body Treat experienced dramatically fewer bookings. But by making smart website updates, launching a targeted social media campaign, and rolling out a powerful direct mail effort, the business has continued to add new clients and safely accommodate return clients. It’s a perfect example of how critical it is to pivot your strategy to include outreach marketing and new channels to build awareness and target new audiences. We’re proud to have provided the smart digital strategy recommendations and cost-efficient creative executions to help another small business succeed during these challenging times.

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