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Logo design portfolio from sonoma county's best logo design agency.

sonoma county’s best branding & logo design agency. 

Discover the power of professional logo design and branding.

modern, effective designs that connect with your audience

A strong brand is critical to the success of any business, no matter the industry. Your brand tells the world what your business stands for. It should be precisely targeted to resonate with your customers and leave a lasting (positive!) impression. It should be flexible, well designed, and beautiful. And it should engage people, moving them to take action. Our powerful approach and unique logos have earned us the top ranking for logo design in Santa Rosa on, so if you need help with logo design, we’d be delighted to set up a free consultation to get the process started!

Your brand begins with a unique business name and a custom logo design. When it comes to naming a business, we begin by getting to know and understand your company’s offering, and then get to work creating memorable names that engage your target audience and help you stand out from your competitors. Next, we develop a modern logo design that will connect with your clients and customers to help your new business grow. Our custom logo design branding services also include recommended fonts and a custom color palette.

we specialize in branding strategy for new companies 

Branding companies often treat every project the same way, but we know that a cookie-cutter approach to branding design doesn’t create a brand that’s strong enough to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. We are successful because we’re different: we take a personalized approach to branding and logo design. We zero-in on what makes your new business different, and then we develop a powerful logo to announce it to the world.

an updated
brand makes a
fresh impression

Sometimes, a client’s brand worked great for them as their business gained its footing, but as the company has grown and evolved, the logo began to feel a little stale or didn’t work well in social media. That’s when we get to work, getting a solid understanding of the business and its customers as our foundation. Next, we rethink the logo, adjusting it to make it more modern and flexible, while ensuring that it will continue to build brand equity.

a bold rebranding can relaunch your business

Rebranding a company can attract new customers and get your current clients excited about engaging with your brand and recommending it to their friends. It’s a valuable opportunity to reconnect with your target audience in a fresh way and grow your business in a new direction. We deliver rebranding strategy for clients large and small, with an emphasis on creating a powerful results that can give your existing company a boost with great ROI.

professional logo design services to drive your business forward

We excel in branding—and rebranding—businesses of all sizes. A new logo can elevate your brand to new audiences and help you reach new customers. We offer a variety of logo and naming services to take your new or existing company to the next level. From naming, to logo design for a new company, to a logo refresh, to a complete rebrand, we’re here to help take your business from small to smallnormous.

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