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Vetlucent Veterinary Medical Imaging Bra

let there be light: veterinary technology goes global

Vetlucent Branding: Naming, Logo & Website Consulting

the challenge:

create a powerful brand that connects with its audience

It’s no secret that here at smallnormous, we love animals. So when we were contacted by an educational veterinary radiology business for help developing their brand, we were excited and intrigued. Dedicated to spreading the latest radiology treatment insights across the globe, this client needed a name, a brand, and an online presence that would connect veterinarians practicing around the world and provide a valuable missing resource for education and diagnosis.

Best Start-Up Business Branding

a unique name
& logo that
gets noticed

We created a hybrid name that brings to mind ideas around light and imaging while directly linking to the veterinary medicine space. We designed a bold logo featuring light, bright colors, and a clean design that fuses medical imaging elements (X-ray and gamma-ray waveforms) into a V shape for a powerful, memorable brand.  (And the logo even won an award in a prestigious international design competition!)

a suite of
beautiful, branded business collateral

Next, we leveraged their modern, fresh color palette to create a full complement of collateral pieces, including business cards, letterhead, an email signature, and branded templates for use in PowerPoint. In order to add an extra element of flair to the designs, we created a custom branded texture that features prominently throughout for a uniquely ownable brand look and feel.

Custom Business Collateral
Expert User Experience Consulting

color and design consultation for a website that sings

While our client licensed a medical imaging website platform because it featured built-in functionality specific to their industry’s needs, they requested our help in customizing the site’s design elements. We happily consulted with Vetlucent to help ensure that the site was both on-brand and provided a great user experience.

an end-to-end branding solution to kick-start a start-up

From naming the company to creating all of their brand assets to advising them on their new website, we truly enjoyed helping Vetlucent find its footing as a new company. We’re excited to see the business grow. Since the launch of this brand, we were delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with the owners on naming and branding another one of their business, and we deeply value the trust they have placed in us to help these savvy serial entrepreneurs bring their new businesses to life. We look forward to many more such collaborations in the future!

“Jennifer and Eric take the time to understand the intent and personality of the brand and come up with fresh ideas on how to best present that to the intended audience. Their work is cohesive and compelling, a big advantage for a business to start off on the right foot!”

Allison Zwingenberger, Owner — Vetlucent, Sacramento

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