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thinking outside the container

Docker Digital Marketing Campaign & Social Media Campaign

the challenge:

drive event attendance & white paper downloads

Simply put, Docker combines an enterprise-grade container platform with world-class services that enable developers and IT professionals to build, manage, and secure their applications. As the industry’s most important player, they have robust marketing needs. We were excited to build the digital ads that could help them build awareness of their events and research to continue to dominate their space.

boosting attendance at VMworld

We created a series of digital ads in French, German, and English to run globally to drive attendance at VMworld. We developed new creative each time, working under quick turn-times and tight budgets, so we were pleased to learn that the ads helped drive unprecedented engagement and attendance at this critically important event.

reaching developers and IT pros where they live

Creating ads that resonated with our target audiences required an in-depth knowledge of their unique preferences. We set about developing ads that were light on copy but very direct and bold in their messaging. Docker’s brand look and feel combined with our extensive experience in building mobile ads resulted in creative that felt powerful and effectively reached and engaged our targets.

a powerful branded social media ad campaign

As the leader in the containerization space, Docker continually conducts its own research to maintain its status and educate prospective clients and partners. The company also frequently publishes white papers. Docker asked us to create a series of LinkedIn ads to promote their research and drive downloads. To create these eye-catching ads, we leveraged the new Docker brand to develop engaging custom illustrations.

engaging creative and efficient execution drives successful campaigns

We created both animated and static ads leveraging the overall brand but tailoring the type of creative to the subject of each ad. By taking learnings from the success of each execution and optimizing as we went, we saw excellent response rates for all the digital advertising we produced. As an added bonus, we enjoyed learning about this exciting space and growing our knowledge of containerization and platform-as-a-service companies.

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