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Aerial Photograph of Shipping Containers Representing the Cloud Container Business and their Digital Marketing

at this time we are not accepting new clients.

why does the world’s largest cloud container company choose to go small?

We provide the digital marketing expertise to take their innovative message to the global stage.

the smallnormous difference

There are a zillion marketing agencies of all sizes clamoring for your business. What makes us different?


We are committed to the idea that your business deserves nothing but the best. That means passion, expertise, and an ironclad commitment to your happiness.


When you go with smallnormous, you’ll always work directly with our elite creative team. We’re fast. We’re strategic. We’re nimble. And we thrive on helping you build your brand, stretch creatively, and exceed your goals.


Why do we do it? That’s simple: at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than knowing we’ve made a real difference for our clients. A smallnormous difference.

Walnut Califonia Based Manufacturing Logo
Sonoma Hari Salon Marketing and Web Design
Sant Rosa Printing Web Design
Non Profit Digital Marketing
Napa Wine Tour Branding and Website
Petaluma Based Animal Rescue
Healthcar Consulting Marketing
Pharmaceutical Advertising
Oakland Based Business Consulting
San Francisco Based SaaS Digital Advertising
Leadership Speaker Branding
Petaluma Health and Wellness Branding
Santa Rosa Window Tint

powerful marketing solutions that get results


Your brand is so much more than a logo. It’s how you tell your story, how you connect with visitors through your messaging and imagery, how you engage with your followers on social media, how you lead customers through your website—it’s even the psychographics around your color palette. It’s your business’s look, feel, tone, and personality. And it needs to feel authentic and resonate with you AND with your customers. That’s a lot to balance, and that’s why you need experts to craft your brand. That’s where we come in. 


With decades of experience crafting strategy for the world’s most recognized brands, our expertise can boost your business to the next level. Got a new start-up and don’t know where to begin? Want to dip your toes into social media? Not sure how to advertise within your available budget? Let us help. We love crafting a marketing roadmap to optimize your marketing efforts, effectively target your customers, and drive the success of your business.



Websites, SEO, Google ads, social media, and social media advertising: digital is a critical element of any marketing strategy, but it can be hard to know where to concentrate your efforts and budget. Why not focus on what you’re best at doing and leave this piece of the puzzle to the experts? We love digging into analytics, creating targeted campaigns to increase sales, and decoding digital solutions into plain English so you can harness the power of the world’s most powerful marketing channels.

“Smallnormous created a website that tells the story of who I am and what I offer my clients. I’m very thankful that they were able to work with me to create a powerful site that fit within my budget.”

Paul Osincup, Leadership and Positive Workplace Speaker, Santa Rosa

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